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Wipro Garnet Wave Slim 10W Round LED Panel

Its round casing shape suitable for Indoor, office, Retail with power 10 W and voltage 240 V, Ceiling cutout is 125mm with LED light source. Lumen output CW=965lm/ NW=937lm/WW=890lm
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Small lights are absolutely awesome. It has no real issues overall. It is preety good for taking pictures and video recording dur to its brightness. It saves 90% electricity bill with 2 years warranty. Good colour quality. An ultra slimpanel with edge- lit LED's that provide soft, energy sufficient light that is used for ambiant lighting, it imparts a sense of luxury, with its classic design aesthetics and quality light. It has driver with inbuilt protection. It has anti glare design with white beam angle. Its life is upto 5 times CFL.
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