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Usha Tisva Forma Bella CP4001 4 lamps Chandelier

It can be operated on multiple powers both 52W as well as 160W. It consumes very less amount of powers. Offers great lighting effect to the area where it gets installed. Made with the genuine and long-lasting material. Having great name across the market of lights.
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Attract everyone with the beauty of lamps, which are being installed at your area. The beauty of the Usha Tisva Forma Bella CP4001 4 lamps Chandelier is elegant and this grabs the attention of everyone. It can easily run of power of 52W or 160W. It is made with the excellent technology, which completely changes the look of the area. Brand Tisva is known for its World-class electric appliances and they are the manufacturer of the top-leading lamps. The price of their lamps is very much effective as compared to the other services providers.
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