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Philips 12W Ultra Slim+ Square LED panel

philips-12w-ultra-slim+ square-led-panel
Philips LED is square shape round 12W led panel. Comes in white color. Wattage is 12 Watts Operating voltage 130 -360 volts. Long lasting led source, wide voltage protection, and premium material and dies caste aluminum. Manage heat emission well; keep low temperature for better performance and long lasting. Metal body accelerates heat dissipation and protect from short circuit.
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Philips 12W Ultra Slim Square Led Panel is the premium Quality of Led Lights from Philips. This kind of led Panel helps to reduce energy. It’s not only help to save electricity but also to give natural light. Philips ultra slim led also have a long lasting led lighting. Philips improved quality to insure durable performance. Good color rendering performance. The object will look clear and faithful in comparison with other led lights. The price of this led panel in cheaper than other led panel. Its price is about 20 percent down to earlier model. It is the most reliable and officially LED panel lights. The Philips products are widely acknowledged in the market for their high quality and their performance.
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