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Jaquar Teny 2W Round Atom LED Spotlight

It has the life cycle up to 50,000 hours long with its low power consumption it operates on the power of 12 W. During its operating condition it saves the 90% of power by consuming the less energy. This product is comes with the trust name of Jaquar. It s white colour makes it suitable for various wall colours
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Jaguar Teny 2w Round Atom LED spot light is the luxury product from the brand. This is the down light which can be used for indoor as well out door applications. This product is claimed as maintenance free from the company with the capacity of 90% energy saving. This is consuming the power 12Watt. With its durability and the trust of brand it can be luxury product for the home. This is mountable as downward direction and spreads the light within the wider range. Being a LED light this is environment friendly product from the company and saves the energy.
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