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Indiabulls 30W Eco Astral LED Flood Light

This lamp is energy efficient. With the help of this lamp you can save energy upto 90% compared to halogen lamp floodlights. It has optimized weight as well as size due to compact design. It’s very homogenous light. IP65 type of protection is included in this lamp. Life time will be long – lasting approx 30000 hours. It consists beam angle of 100 degree and luminaire efficiency up to 90 lm/w . It is suitable for outdoor lighting
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This lamp has 30 Watt power. Model name is ECO Astral. Works on 240 Volts (100-300) AC 50 HZ. It’s color temperature is 5700K. Lumen output is 2700lm. It is dust proof as well as water proof. CRI is 80. Warranty is one year from the date of invoice.
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