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USHA Fontana Maple Antique Steel 50" Ceiling Fan

It is operates on 230 volt and consume the power 70 watts.It has seprate chain cord control for motor and light with 3 speed pull cord control for speed regulation.It comes with stylish high gloss electroplated motor with the option of removable lights.
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This product is the product of the reputed brand name which is familiar to all of us and nameed as Usha.This is designed for decoration and consits the decorative lights.Consumption power is 70watts and operating voltage 230 volts.This comes with the removable lights under the electrplated motor. It has the wide tip blades for delivery of air on high speed and in the wide range area.It has 3 speed pull road feature to control the speed of motor.This a luxury product with mounted decorative lights undet the motor. This is well known for high performance level and durability.
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