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Havells Spartz 48" Gold Mist Pearl Ceiling Fan

This product is operates on the voltage 230 volt and consumes the power 74W. Its motor delivers 400 RPM which helps to its three blades to deliver the air at 8405 CFM. This is suitable for indoor applications due ti its decorative manufacturing with various colour combinations. This product is mist with gold finish paint sprays to give it’s a luxurious looks.
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This is the product is from the Havells which is well known brand in the market. This product is delivering the air in the capacity of 8405 CFM. This is the decorative product with number of blades three. Which delivers the air 14280 M2H.It consume the power of 74W and running on the voltage of 240V.This product is suitable for indoor applications. Its finish is contemporary elegant design. It made with the technology that it gives the high performance even at low voltages. This is also available with stunning colour combinations which gives it the luxurious looks. This product has the trust of the popular brand Havells.
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