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Crompton High Speed Decora Metallic 48" Levender Ceiling Fan

crompton-high-speed-decora-metalli- 48"-levender-ceiling-fan
Crompton High Speed Decora Metallic is having three blades. Having Lavender color. Having gold finish shanks and a great border, which make it unique as compared to the others. It is having speed of 370rpm and its sweep is 12000mm. It can be easily operated on the power of 70 watts. It is made with the noise-free technology.
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The Crompton high speed Decor can be used for the purpose of decoration. It is having lavender color and having genuine parts. This is the best option to use for both of the residential usage as well as commercial usage. It offers noise-free operation, which causes its customers to not feel disturbing while they are sleeping. It is having golden and a smooth finish, which let its customers to clean it with ease. With having three blades, it offers speed of 370 rpm to its customers.
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Brand Crompton
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