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India’s renowned Wire and Cable Brand

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Polycab is one of the leading companies in the field of electrical products with a
remarkable track record of over four decades. It has a tremendous reputation as one of the
fastest-growing and expanding business in the Indian cables sector. The company is engaged in
the business of manufacturing and selling cables and wires with fast-moving electrical goods"
FMEG" under the brand name of "Polycab". Besides dealing with wires and cables, the company
also manufactures and sells FMEG products such as LED lighting and luminaries, electric fans,
switches and switchgear, conduits and accessories, and solar equipment.

The company's central vision is to enhance stakeholder value by encouraging and inspiring
people to innovate. It creates a great place of work by inspiring people to add higher value to
the business and environment. The mission is to strengthen and enhance leadership position in
wires and cables by continuous investment in technology to achieve improved operational
efficiencies, sales, customer satisfaction and also to elevate brand recognition. The company
believes in demonstrating focused objectives that cater to the needs of customers as well as
recognize each other" efforts and contributions. It works with commitment, teamwork, and
respect to empower a transparent enterprise.